• Freshback Media

    Web DesignerJune 2017 - present

    Work on the creation of email creatives, banners and landing pages for commercial campaigns.

  • Kobi Digital

    Web DesignerMarch 6 2017 - May 31 2017

    Work on the creation of email creatives, banners and landing pages for commercial campaigns.

  • App At School

    Junior Developer (internship)September 2016 - February 2017

    In this internship I worked mostly with google tools which required me to write scripts and use the AppAtSchool platform to build and expand the functionality of forms and spreadsheets.


    -Kwalificatiedossier (Teacher's form)
  • Codaisseur

    Junior Full-stack developer (Trainship)June 2016 - August 2016

    Web Developer Bootcamp of 6 weeks. Worked on weekly projects in teams, and one real world project for a company invited by Codaisseur. My favorite part of the Bootcamp was working with Ruby. It was really fun and exciting to built web apps and integrating services like Devise and Cloudinary. Switching over to React.js/Javascript was a bit uncomfortable at first but as I did more with it, the syntax became more familiar.

    During these 6 weeks I have gained good basic knowledge of:

    -Ruby on Rails
    -JavaScript (jQuery, React.js, Node.js. Ajax, JSON)
    -Databases (PostgreSQL MongoDB)
    -Version Control (Git, Github)
    -Rspec testing/Unit testing
    -Object Oriented Programming
    -HTML5 and CSS3
    -Project management


    -My CookBook (social network for sharing recipes)
    -Grow up (game)

  • Strandpaviljoen Paal 17 BV

    Horeca MedewerkerJune 14 2014 - April 30 2016

    I started working in Paal 17 in the summer of 2014, it was my first job in the Netherlands. I was very happy to work in a very nice area with friendly people. I got to meet people from all over the world and get better acquaintance with dutch work culture and society.

  • Hartnell College

    A.A. Associate of Arts (HBO) Summa Cum LaudeClass 2012

    My study consisted of Arts and Architecture but I also study digital design where the focus was on programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Blender.

My Activity in Web Development


Sketch 3


Materialized CSS

Ruby on Rails



Play Rock-paper-scissors

Play against the computer


Play a color game

Combine the colors

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