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My name is Deisi Bonilla a 25 year old web developer currently living in Den Helder. I was born and raised in Mexico where at an early age I became interested in art and design. At around the age 14 my family migrated to California the US with the hope that getting a good education would be easier. I became fluent in the English language which allowed me to not only integrate but also excel in the new society. I was able to reach a perfect 4.0 GPA score which put me in the top 10 of my school and later on graduated with honors. Furthermore during my college years I made it to the Dean's List, became a Phi Theta Kappa member and graduated Summa Cum Laude. As a result I've been able to find it easier to adapt to change and step out of my comfort zone. This was tested in 2013 when I moved to the Netherlands, since then I have been busy with the learning of the Dutch language and integration into Dutch society. In addition, I been busy learning programming languages. I discovered that front-end-development is a combination of my passions; visual design and problem solving. I followed online courses at where I learned basic JavaScript, HTML/CSS and bootstrap. I’m very motivated to learn and be able to put these new skills into use and provide the user with a unique experience on the web. I’m a creative, outside-the-box thinker, hands-on professional with knowledge in graphics design, art direction and project management.  Adept at conceptualizing unconventional solutions to complex problems.

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Deisi Bonilla
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Hartnell College

A.A. Associate of Arts (H.B.O. Beeldende Kunst & Vormgeving) May 2012

My study consisted of Arts and Architecture but I also study digital design where the focus was on programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Blender.


App At School

Junior Full-Stack Developer September 12 - Present

In this internship I'm learning to develop google apps using the google app engine, I also do designs for the apps and build forms sometimes from scratch and other times I add scripts to expand google forms and spreadsheets.


Junior Developer Trainee June 5 - Present

Web Development Bootcamp of 6 weeks. Worked on weekly projects in teams, and one real world project for a company invited by Codaisseur. During these 6 weeks I have gained good basic knowledge of: -Ruby on Rails -JavaScript (jQuery, React.js, Node.js. Ajax, JSON) -Databases (PostgreSQL MongoDB) -Version Control (Git, Github) -Object Oriented Programming -HTML5 and CSS3 -Bootstrap/sass -Project management


Web Design March 2 - April 29

This internship focused mostly on graphics design, but I also was introduce to Wordpress and theme development. It was a great experience and I enjoyed learning to code a website on Wordpress, I found the task challenging but very satisfying. I'm more motivated in furthering my learning in programming.

Strandpaviljion Paal 17 B.V.

Horeca Medewerker June 2014 - Present

I started working in Paal 17 in the summer of 2014, it was my first job in the Netherlands. And I was very happy to work in a beautiful place with friendly people. I got to meet people from all over the world and get better acquaintance with the dutch work culture and society.

Lydia's @rt

Assistant Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

I volunteered in the winter for Lydia de Loos a well known artist from Den Helder, I helped organizing and building displays around the workshop as well as installing etalages.


Playground website

This was the first project I built while following the online course at I used pure HTML and CSS, the idea was to make a sort of playground where I could play around with javascript.

My CookBook (Ruby on Rails Project)

This was a group project and I was very proud that on my second week in the coding bootcamp I was able to get many essential parts of our web application (such as uploading photos, posting articles and signing up new users) running without problems.

Grouw up game (react.js).

For the final week of the bootcamp we had a group project and we built a game called growup. This was a very challenging project, specially after working with Ruby and switching to React.js was a bit uncomfortable for me. But at the end of the project I became more familiar with the workflow and syntax.

My Recipe (Ruby)

On my first week at the bootcamp I got to make a little program (pure Ruby) that runs the steps for a recipe. I was very happy to see my little program up and running and printing out the commands I gave.